Why Mince Pies?


Supermarkets seem to advertise quite poorly for Mince Pies, often not providing a picture when you’re searching for them online, or removing the price if the product is out of stock. Some Supermarkets enrage me by providing NO information on some of the pies they are selling. I believe I have, in some way, tried to make up for their festive inadequacies.

I can’t think of many festive foods that get me Christmassy like a pastry blanket caressing the ultimate dark heaven! There’s nothing quite like a mince pie really.

Since 2016, I’ve searched moderate distances in my quest for the best mince pie on offer each year, traditional or otherwise. I try to capture the feelings I experience so that perhaps you can make a more informed choice when choosing ‘The pie’ for your festive occasions.

Throughout my time of reviewing, I’ve had positive responses to my posts as well as mince pie donations from a kind few. Thanks!

**if you don’t really like mince pies, this might not be for you. I hope you give this a read purely to make you a little happier, knowing I’m indoors and cannot hurt anyone.

Me delicately eating a pie