Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference 6 All Butter Mince Pies

The second mince pie to be reviewed was my favourite from last year.

Coming in at £2.00, they don’t break the bank and are on par with Tesco’s Finest in terms of coppers needing to be exchanged. I’m prepared to pay £2.00 for a pie that delighted my taste buds last year. What won it for me was the syrupy texture of the mincemeat. I just couldn’t fault them, or find anything that could beat them.

The packaging is mainly gold with white snowflakes and there’s a convenient window into the heart of the box. The serving suggestion picture doesn’t really captivate me, it looks more like the person creating the scene dropped the pies from a moving lorry.. and added a fork.

The box has a brilliantly absurd circle, a stamp of quality if you will. “Taste tested by customers”  – One can only assume that the farm animals weren’t able to articulate their findings well enough to be mentioned.

I couldn’t open the box in one go, which angered me. Is this pie trying to lose points?

The pies are well decorated with a holly design and a light dusting of sugar, however the pastry lid looks quite thick from the outside. When removed from the case, the pastry walls looked uniform and dry. One bite takes me right back. the mincemeat is not wet, which i normally hope for. It’s syrupy and not too sweet. The sweet, buttery pastry is strong enough to withstand a good bite without losing structural integrity and this can be said for the next bite as well.

If you enjoy sweet pastry and slightly firmer mincemeat, these should tick the boxes. If you prefer a wetter pie and more filling, perhaps hold off.

For me, these are delicious.



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