6 Iced Topped Mince Pies by Sainsbury’s

For the fourth helping, I am reviewing some iced mince pies which are the second type I’ve reviewed from Sainsbury’s.

You can get Six pies for £1, so these could represent a great buy if the taste matches that price tag.

Sainsbury’s are pretty spot on with their festive box decorations. This box has shades of  deep red with some snow illustration above a tree made of gold, green and white strips. classy. The right portion of the box has the serving suggestion – the pies on a plate and out of their metal waistcoats. How else would you serve one? Other than possibly a bowl instead of a plate? Answers in a comment please.

The pies are in a red tray, as well as plastic packaging. This is something not all pies have, but both pies from the aforementioned store do. When you take out the pie, there isn’t a wow factor as there is no design other than crimped edges.These could pass as faulty cherry bakewells. The pies are approximately an inch from top to bottom which could be a factor in the price.

The moment I take a bite I’m immediately hit by that sheet of white icing. There’s your sugar hit. The pastry is next, which provides a good structure and then you get the slightly sharper contrast of the mincemeat. The mincemeat has a nice fruity texture and once you start eating, the pie is quite hard to put down. My second and third bites were not as overwhelmed by icing as the first but the taste does stay with you throughout, much like the taste of onion in a salad. who’d have thought i’d mention salad in a mince pie blog?

If you want a pie with something different, that you could decorate yourself if you wish, this would provide a novel base. If you enjoy sweeter pastry or more mincemeat, this might not be your thing. Personally, I prefer a pastry lid as I believe you cant fill this casing with as much mincemeat when smothering it with icing.


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