Mr Kipling 6 Deep Filled Mince Pies

Apologies for the absence of a review. I had the great pleasure of being best man at my cousin John’s wedding. It was a brilliant day, watching two close friends get married. As a side gift, I was given a box of Co-Op Irresistible Mince Pies but will need a further taste to properly review these.

The third pie to be reviewed was Mr Kipling. Ever since I was a child I remember Mr Kipling being the go to brand for sweet cakes and pies. I used to love their apple and custard pies as well as the slightly larger pies they sadly no longer make. Does it shine through that I enjoy a pie?

Buying these will set you back £1.50 for six, so that’s a pretty competitive price.

The packaging is white, adorned with golden festive pictures. A reindeer here, a Bauble or two there. The red centre is designed to look like a card insert, as if these are more than mince pies, they could be given as a gift and proudly this part houses the Mr Kipling logo. There’s no additional information on what these pies might contain, showing that Mr Kipling are confident that the brand says it all.

Once open, the box contains six pies, in a black tray. The pies have a raised holly motif however the top of the pie is quite rough and uneven with little sugar. Just over an inch from base to top, they are a reasonable depth and if they taste moreish, I imagine these could be eaten in two bites.

Straight away, these don’t taste particularly sweet. Some people might really enjoy this after a large meal, as they’re a bit unassuming.The mincemeat is pleasant and you can taste whole raisins/sultanas which I feel is the mark of a good mincemeat. On the subject of mincemeat, it’s quite wet without dropping on to your trousers!

In summary, you could happily have two or three of these with cream after a sizeable meal, or pick these over a sweeter pastry pie, but they’re not the best best tasting pies in terms of mincemeat flavour or pastry sweetness for me, so they get a 7/10.


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