Irresistible All Butter 6 Luxury Mince Pies by Co-Op

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was given these beauties as a present from my cousin on his wedding day. What a gift to receive! What a guy!

On the packaging, the pies take centre stage. The picture shows four whole pies and two pies that look to have been subjected to the teeth of a hungry Gerbil, on what could potentially be a piece of slate, with a few golden coloured festive decorations. Sugar has been carefully tossed over the pies and background. There is a long, thin rectangle, for you to window shop before deciding whether or not to make that purchase. Underneath the title there is a short description of what you might find inside the box.

I slide out the black tray. The pies look uniform and each contains three holly leaves on the design. Is it a contest to see who can put the most holly onto a pie? These are winning so far on that front. The pies are very pale and the sugar on top is sparse. There is an even diagonal crimp which gives it different look to some other pies I’ve seen.

Come on Phil, eat the pie already, I hear you say. I’ll get there. Like creating  a masterpiece in oil colour,  I don’t want to rush. This pie is just under 4 centimetres from top to base and the bulbous lid gives the impression that we’re going to find a decadent amount of mincemeat within.

The pastry hangs over the edge of the foil tray, so I had to fight to get the two to separate; all the while getting crumbly pastry over myself and loved ones near to me.

Fresh tasting mincemeat greets me, with a soft moist texture. Beware, the pastry is rather crumbly and it fell in on itself. Despite the crumbliness, the pastry is deliciously buttery and has a fine taste. I could taste the brandy but it was not overpowering.

The taste of the pie warrants an 8, maybe even a 9. The light, weak pastry makes these more of a dessert pie, which saddened me. It will take me a while to vacuum up these crumbs!






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