Favorina 12 Mince Pies by Lidl

Seven pies into my 2016 review and I’m not getting tired. I’m just getting started. Mostly, i’m just eating the one pie at each sitting and the rest will be spread amongst friends before the pies have been open for too long.

Speaking about friends, a big thank you goes to my mate Chay for the donation of this ample box of mince pies. 12 pies set you back a £1.49 which is a mere 12.4p per pie.

Unlike quite a few pies I’ve reviewed, the box is primarily white and boasts a large picture of three perfectly presented pies. The packaging isn’t particularly festive so the box wouldn’t look out of place being sold in July! The pie taking centre stage in the picture is open and looks to be crammed with glistening mincemeat. The trays are bright red and there’s a plastic protector between the two layers.

Two holly leaves adorn the pastry lid while the sugar dusting is more than usual. The edges of the crimped pastry look to be quite a bit darker than the lid, however this doesn’t affect the taste.

The pastry is quite thick and strong too. Two good bites can be withstood with ease. The mincemeat is well spiced and sweet, but the picture on the box belies the level of mincemeat you actually receive.

If you want a mince pie that isn’t too sweet, with robust pastry, you can’t ignore these with that price tag. These would be a decent dessert pie as you wont be sick of the taste after two or three. I enjoyed eating these but the lack of mincemeat in my pie goes against them.


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