6 All Butter Mince Pies, by Waitrose

I’ve reached a milestone. 10 delicious pies have been devoured, and reconstituted gently back to you, my readers. This gift was bequeathed to me by my friend, Chay. Thank you mate, these gifts are fantastic.

This is the first box of mince pies that mentions Christmas, instead of leaving the packaging to suggest this. The largely white box is cleverly decorated to resemble a rural winter scene, with an adult and child walking across an expanse of ground with a sled in tow. The fact that the red label says Waitrose Christmas and nothing mentioning mince pies, gives the suggestion (along with the picture) that these are a festive product, not one that would sit pretty on a shelf for many more months as others do.

The mention of mincemeat containing cherries and cranberries has me all in a stir, especially if I can actually taste them. I have visions of a deliciously fruity mincemeat.

The pies are resting on a deep red tray and all six look nice and uniform. I believe the design on the lid is a star, but cannot make out an intact one. If it is a star, then it could be another nod to Christmas, unlike the other nine pies I’ve reviewed. The pies come away from the tray with ease, something that not all pie makers seem to take into consideration.

My pie doesn’t contain a whole lot of sugar, but I can let that slide if the innards are good enough. The lid does have a nice dome to it and what I would class as a traditional style design.

The top lid is really quite thick and not very sweet. The pastry is quite buttery but without the sweetness, it is lacking. The mincemeat is thicker than normal and as with the pastry, it’s not overly sweet or tasty. I prefer a sweeter pie overall but this would make a perfectly palatable pudding pie with some single cream or custard.







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