Asda Extra Special 4 Mince Pies, Baked in Store

Hey guys!

Let’s crack on immediately.

£1.50 for four pies – 37.5p a pie but they look extremely deep. A deep pie could potentially contain a river of mincemeat, thick pastry, or lots of fruit scented air and disappointment!

I walked to Asda hoping to buy a pack of their six Extra Special pies, but they had sold out. The member of staff I spoke to mentioned that they were very good and had won an award. I think she mentioned this to make me feel even more aggrieved about missing out on them today.

Before I went for a pack of their standard mince pies (nothing wrong with these, I’m sure) I was directed, by the same nice lady to some different Extra Special pies.

These are baked in store and as such, the packaging doesn’t exactly wow me. They are housed inside a plastic casing, but the sticker explains that these are something else, maybe even something Extra Special? For those of you that want a double whammy of alcohol, the mincemeat of these pies is infused with Brandy and Port.

The pie looms over many competitors and boasts a height of 1.5 inches or 3.8 centimetres. The top contains a delicate snow-like dusting of icing sugar, but the pie top is uneven and there a few burnt bits, probably where the mincemeat has bubbled out through cooking. These are baked in store so I don’t expect the stringent quality checks of their cardboard boxed cousins. That said, the presentation could be a bit smarter.

My pie was very hard to remove from its case which means you have to begrudgingly peel the edges down and get sugar and pastry on yourself. If there is an easier way, I would gladly hear it.

This pie confirmed one of my first thoughts, but which one was that? When I took a bite, I found a lot of mincemeat. The sensation in my mouth was fantastic. Sweet, well spiced and the mincemeat was moreish and moist. Delicious. It was complimented by sweet, not too thick pastry with a rich buttery taste. I ate this pie quicker than normal and had no hesitation that two could be polished off in quick succession without feeling the slightest bit sorry.

Try searching for these pies online, I did and I couldn’t find them. Possibly they are a product to bridge the gap with the six pack being sold out? I don’t know the answer, but I do know that if these had had a nicer finish on top and were easier to remove from the foil, I’d be giving them a 10 all day.

9/10 – delicious

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