Costco 11 Mince Pies

Another well received gift, from my neighbour Jon. Cheers! This seems to be a good omen as last year my former next door neighbours also dropped some pies round for me to try! Yum.

Pie number 11 coincidentally are 11 Costco mince pies. These are no ordinary pies, however. These pies seem to have been subjected to growth hormones and as a result are nearly 10 cm’s across. The price for these monsters is £4,49 and works out at nearly 41p a pie. The case looks to be shortcrust but in a twist from the norm, the topping underneath the dusted icing sugar is sponge.The centre of my pie has started to drop a little in the middle and I can see mincemeat within.

I cut mine in two, as it is more manageable that way. I am not in any way complaining that this is a large pie, so lets do this. Once in half, I can see a wonderful moist layer of mincemeat which tastes fruity and sweet. The cake topping is light and fluffy and doesn’t feel heavy in any way.

This is a delicious treat, slightly more cake and less of a pie and might appeal to those who like something slightly different or don’t like too much pastry. The mincemeat wasn’t cooked down too much so I was able to enjoy whole fruit and that pleased me. I am sure this wont appeal to everyone, but then that can be said for Everyone, Everywhere about Something!

A good solid 8/10 for these.



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