​Sainsbury’s all butter mincemeat puffs

£1.20 for 8

These were bought in by Kathy. Cheers for allowing me to sample them. After all, they are a festive mincemeat product, so why not?

I found out why not rather quickly. The puffs are very small and only last for two bites or one large one. I found the mincemeat to be too dry and tasteless as you could see it when the product was in the packaging. I imagine that when
these are being cooked they quickly lose any kind of retained moisture and taste. 

There wasn’t a lot of puff pastry although it was sweet with generous sugar granules.

If you prefer to have a puff pastry mince pie, go for their bakery puff pastry pies, which I have reviewed already. If you want a smaller one, cut the aforementioned pie in half. Maybe don’t buy these. I didn’t even finish one puff. 


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