Deep Fill 6 Mince Pies, by Aldi

Today I am feeling the love. People have been ‘donating’ packs of mince pies for me to sample and now I have three other boxes awaiting my judgement.

Thank you Heather and co for the 12th pie. Six pies cost 79 pence which is a brilliant price, considering how poor you might be over the next few months. Remember, if you buy loads of presents this year, you’ll only have to beat it next year.

Four pies adorn the front of the box and the scene seems to hint towards a festively dressed table. The offset label is festively decorated and the whole theme is bright and inviting. The proudly place pie on the box has been opened and the mincemeat looks enticing.

The design is that of a piece of holly and a few berries, nothing over the top and there is a nice swirly crimp, however there isn’t much sugar. If you asked me what I would consider a mince pie to look like, this would be it.

The first bite wasn’t the best first impression I’ve had. I bit into a slightly crumbly, but not too sweet pastry and then afterwards I went for a second, with a lot more success. Delicious fresh tasting mincemeat greeted me and turned the experience into a pleasant one.

If you like a pie with sweet, not overly moist mincemeat, this is a great after dinner pie. At 79p these are fantastic value for money and taste great too. Not my top pie only because I didn’t enjoy the pastry quite as much as others.



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