Luxury 6 Mince Pies by Iceland

Have a bakers dozen. Okay, you can have one more. Fourteen pies?

Cheers mate!

I purchased these pies from Iceland, where they set me back £1.25 and have heard very good things about them. The supermarket is much more than frozen food and these winning a Good Housekeeping award shows they’re doing something right!

Obviously you are reading my review so let’s crack on shall we?

The box. Other reviewers couldn’t care less how these are packaged and omit the details from their descriptions, despite the fact that many (not all) brands have given a lot of time and effort to entice people towards their pies, over others. This box gives off a luxurious feel, with shiny silver lettering and the setting is dark, a night time scene. The pies have been placed on to a dark surface, but not on a plate. Eat these pies in the evening, with a dessert fork (pictured) off of your kitchen side, with fairy lights on. If they taste great, i’ll do just that!

The luxurious feel continues inside with the pies nestled in gold trays. This is where the extravagance nearly stops, . The pies have two, rough stars (a large one with a smaller one inside) which act as the lid, so that you can see the mincemeat below. I would expect more uniformity from a luxury product. I assumed that if you have a pie with a whole lid, the mincemeat inside will be preserved for longer. The pies also do not contain a plastic wrapping that some of the others do so I hope that doesn’t affect them. Less plastic does mean less waste, so I do appreciate that.

The mincemeat is as fresh as any others I’ve tasted, in fact it has a surprisingly fruity taste with a tiny kick of brandy which puts my earlier qualms to bed. As well as a fruit-laden vibe, the mincemeat is slightly thicker which provides a nicer feeling  in your mouth. Some people might find this a bit too sweet, but when contrasting with the pastry I feel this is evened out.

The appearance of the pie lets this down in the looks department, but the taste was delicious and a surprise that I enjoyed it as much as I did. Delicious dessert pies and a good price too.


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