4 Gluten Free Mince Pies, by Bells of Lazonby

Fifteen pies in and this is my first gluten free mince pie. Ever.

They are gluten, wheat and dairy free according to the box. My lovely sister Amy brought these pies over and I’m very grateful. She bought these from Iceland and they cost her £1.79 which isn’t too bad considering the ingredients that need to be substituted to cater for those who can’t eat the normal ingredients.

Instead of the standard wheat flour, the pies are made from rice flour. I wonder what effect this will have on the taste? The pie certainly has a paler appearance than I’m used to.

The box is purely focused on the pies, and how they look completely normal, however the rest of the packaging is purple which i believe is Bells by Lazonby’s colour for their gluten free products.

As mentioned before, the pie is lighter than the other pies I’ve reviewed, but there seems to be a good rise. The pastry lid is uniform and there is enough sugar to satisfy me. The pastry is pleasant, although you can taste a difference in taste but the texture is spot on like a wheat flour pie. The mincemeat is thick and luscious whilst not being too sweet and the pie lid remains crisp and satisfying throughout which I like.

I’d happily eat a few of these, and if I hadn’t been told that these were different, I would probably be none the wiser. Probably.



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