6 Deep Fill Mince Pies, by Iceland

I’ve not reviewed a pie for two days. Please don’t think I’ve gone off them. I just needed a rest from the mass influx of sugary foods and actually, processed foods in general. Doing a review like this does highlight how important moderation and your health is.

Well, I feel as though my heart rate is down now and I’ve also learnt (I can be a bit slow) that you can schedule any blogs you write for any time of any day. I am new to this game and that was a huge oversight.

My sixteenth pie was purchased from Iceland and cost me £1 which makes them a reasonable price against competitors. The box, quite the luxury pies I reviewed by the same supermarket:Luxury 6 Mince Pies by Iceland is dark, with a simple left aligned label with border detail that hints at being hand drawn. The single pie that’s open looks to be crammed with a helping of luscious mincemeat.

The pie looks a good size and there is a respectable dome to the lid. hopefully this shortcrust vessel isn’t mostly full of air. The design on top is three holly leaves and the same amount of berries, but the overall look isn’t very neat and is lacking in sugar. Perhaps one nicer holly leaf would have looked better.

The mincemeat is sweet, moist and moreish. The pastry isn’t that sweet but the contrast works well. I destroyed the pie in two bites and another could easily have followed.

Due to the rough topping, the box depicting a night scene works perfectly. Eat these in the evening where you don’t care for any lid decoration. I’m being a bit harsh there. They aren’t the prettiest, but certainly wont leave you unhappy in the pocket, or mouth.







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