6 Star Mince Pies, by Marks & Spencer

Hello. Come in, but please wipe your feet on the matt and remove your shoes!

It’s taken me a while to get to pie number 17. Marks & Spencer were always on the list, but it took me slightly longer to purchase any from there. Other supermarkets were in front of them in the queue.

Where many pies have silver lettering, this has gold. The box has a luxurious, sophisticated look and has a matt gold finish. There is a golden crest as well informing us this is part of The Collection. I am getting the message of the box, expect something special here. There is a window so you can see what you’re purchasing and decide whether they are worth the £2.5o (Please note, I misplaced the receipt at the time of reviewing these and was unable to find them on the website!).

Each pie comes in a brown paper tray. There is no foil involved here which is a brilliant idea. If the pie case is paper, more of the whole packaging can be recycled. Surely this begs the question: why don’t M&S do this on all their pies? And even more importantly, why don’t other brands do this?


When you remove the mince pie from the plastic tray that holds all six pies, there is a message ‘Please Remove Paper Case Before Eating’. Is this necessary? No part of the box says that the product comes in an edible tray or suggests this and i’m sure that people don’t eat the usual metal trays? It seems that the demographic that these pies are aimed at surely wouldn’t attempt to munch on the case. Perhaps I am giving them too much credit.

The pie is rather squat but looks quite neat. There are two pastry stars on the design and a dusting of icing sugar finishes the pie off.

This pie did not have the intended effect  with me. I found the pastry too thick considering the pie is quite small and the mincemeat didn’t taste particularly special either. It was quite dry and I didn’t enjoy it very much.

I believe there are nicer pies available for the price. the top design is pretty but the taste (THE most important part for this review) left a lot to be desired.


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