Christmas 6 All Butter Mince Pies, by M&S

I’ve been asked by a few people why I am just reviewing shop bought mince pies. It’s quite simple, this review is to enable you to make an informed choice on which pie to choose depending on what type of pie you enjoy. I try to include the pastry taste, the level of mincemeat and how wet/dry I find it. I like to describe the packaging; the level of which can depend on how hungry I am or whether my son needs some attention.

I will still eat home made mince pies. I love mince pies and don’t see that changing, but they won’t/can’t make up my review.

The box is a warm red colour, with sections of brighter red writing containing festive words that include Mistletoe, Santa and snowmen. The pies are shown in a picture, symbolic of a real plastic window you find on other pies. I am unsure of the price of these. As mentioned in my previous post, I cannot find any information on the website which has angered me! (approximately £2.5o)

One of the ingredients that stood out to me was Vostizza currants which are Greek and have a Protected Designation of Origin, like Balsamic vinegar. On a relatively simple package this is a special ingredient you’d normally imagine to be used on a luxury product.

The pie has a simple appearance and the lid has large granules of sugar. There is a star in the centre so that you can see inside at the mincemeat. The pastry lid is quite rough around the edges but we’ll see.

The pastry is quite thick however it isn’t too much. The mincemeat has a bold, slightly sharp taste which I haven’t tasted before but is still sweet and you can taste whole vine fruit with each mouthful. A thoroughly nice pie, but the presentation let it down a bit.


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