Christmas 6 Puff Pastry Mince Pies, by M&S

Thank you Heather for thinking of me and this research. I’ve been kindly gifted some more mince pies to try. pie 19 is puff Pastry as well. I have so far reviewed two puff pastry products and they’ve not wowed me yet:Sainsbury’s all butter mincemeat puffs & Sainsbury’s 4 Puff Pastry Mince Pies

£2.5o for six pies isn’t great value for money, but I believe you can get two packs for £4 which lessens the blow when spread between two packs. The box is a carbon copy of the All Butter Mince Pies I reviewed previously but for a chocolate box purple colour replacing the rich red.

The pies look like caricature pigs noses which cannot be unseen now that you know that! There is a generous smattering of sugar over the surface and the pies look to have a good depth.Despite being puff pastry, the structure holds really well when bitten into.

The mincemeat is quite a thin layer and not as moist as with the shortcrust pastry version but these do have a pleasant taste and feel in the mouth. I would like more mincemeat in these and although they have a light texture, I didn’t feel completely satisfied afterwards.


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