Asda Extra Special 6 All Butter Pastry Mince Pies

Today I hit the 20 pie mark. 20 pies have been reviewed and this figure doesn’t include any from Tesco or Morrison’s. I will cover those two supermarkets in the next mouthful of reviews.

This was my second trip to Asda in search of these mince pies. Today there were dozens of boxes, so I may have jumped the gun on my earlier visit. Six of Asda’s luxury pies cost you £1.50 which is a fair price.

The box looks quite well decorated in deep purple. There is a rectangular window allowing you visual access to the pies. The pie in the picture shows some delicious looking fruit, and cream has been dolloped on top.

Each pie look wonderfully uniform. There isn’t a pattern on top, other than some angled crimp on the edge. I haven’t reviewed many pies that are just a smooth pastry, but Asda are confident that the pie will do the talking, not some pastry piece of holly!

There is a good amount of sugar on top.

One bite was too much for the pastry. I advise you to eat this on a plate, as mine started to collapse as soon as my gnashers got involved. Why? the pastry should have been thicker on the walls. There is a nice taste of the alcohol which is enough to taste, but definitely not overpowering. The mincemeat was sweet, but I was more concerned about the crumbling shortcrust in my hand than the taste of the mincemeat in all honesty.

A tasty plate pie, not as delicious as the last offering I purchased in store and too weak pastry for my liking.





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