Tesco 6 Mince Pies

Good evening.

This is my first mince pie review as a 31 year old, as I ‘levelled up’ over the weekend. So did my wonderful mum.

Tesco have finally been given the attention they crave and I have two packs to review. There are about four different types of theirs I will review so that’s most of the week sorted.

The first to be eaten are only 89p and look to be Tesco’s entry level pies. The packaging is certainly rather festive, a deep red vertical strip to the left with a seasonal pies-on-plate picture to the right with added pine sprig. An octagonal stamp, A seal of approval, tells you the pastry is delicious and buttery. I shall be the judge.

There is granulated sugar on top of the pie, not Icing sugar as the front picture seems to suggest. I wonder why this is the case? Talking of cases, each pie has a lot of sugar underneath in the tray so make sure you bring a dustpan and brush.

A smart star design and neat crimp is great, which some of the more ‘luxury’ pies should take note of. This is a neat looking little pie.

There’s a good amount of fruity mincemeat, which the description on the front of the box explains and the pastry is not too crumbly. The pastry isn’t particularly sweet though, aside from sugar on top. Being quite a small pie, two or three would make a wonderful dessert smothered in single cream or served warm with vanilla ice cream.


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