Tesco 6 Mince Pies Lattice Top

My Journey so far:

“A Man reviewed 22 pies, his belly was bigger than his eyes

He reviewed them all in the name of fun, and scored them in multiples of halves or ones”

Phil – 2016

If you’ve read all of my reviews so far, or even just one. Thank you. I am very grateful for your time.

Thanks also goes to Josh May who gifted me with this box o’ pies. Tesco, like my previous review, only this time the pies have a lattice design. For a short description of the packaging and the previous pie, please click here:Tesco 6 Mince Pies

For the delicate lattice design you must pay £1.00, 11 pence more than the standard Tesco mince pies. If they taste as nice, I would say that’s money well spent. My only concern is that the solid lid of the last pie was a good base for lots of sugar, whereas you cant really do that on these without lots of excess sugar dropping through into the mincemeat. Lattice pies occasionally have drier mincemeat, so hopefully this isn’t the case.

Just as I had expected. There are about seven grains of granulated sugar on top, so few i began naming them. Just like the last pie, the box either lets you believe there is icing sugar on the pies from the beginning, or simply that you wont find any, so put some icing sugar on and serve with a branch of Nordic spruce.

The lattice work could do with a bit more care and attention as mine looks too uneven and as a result, some areas are beautifully golden brown and some are very pale in contrast.

The mincemeat is tasty, but the pastry feels quite thick and is quite savoury.

My opinion is that you should keep the 11 pence and buy the other version with the solid top, if you were only looking at the two types in comparison. The look is pretty, but they don’t have the taste to back it up.


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