Tesco Finest 12 Mini All Butter Pastry Mince Pies


There are four Wednesday’s left before the big day. Have you found your favourite pie? If you have found your favourite, or have any other comments on my reviews, let me know. I’ll see what I can do to help plus i’d like to know your thoughts.

Today I have opted for mini mince pies. I’ll not lie here, I was under the impression that I had purchased six regular ‘Mimps’ (what we call them), only to find out at home that I had purchased the micro version. I believe these cost £2.00 and are part of the offer – 2 packs of these or  few variations for £3.00.. however I filed the receipt somewhere REALLY safe and they are showing as out of stock on the website. Why would Tesco not display the price just because the product is out of stock? hmmm.

The pies are housed within contemporary packaging which is rather modern, however it’s not exactly festive, with a wooden background. I suppose they wouldn’t look out of place in any dessert situation throughout the year.

A plus point is the interesting, almost mouth shaped plastic window allowing your eyes to gaze upon four pies and decide which one you want to eat first. You can also see that there is plastic wrapping for freshness and presumably also to stop the mischievous Mimps moving all over the place in transit.

My pie and his friends are well sugared. Tick. The Snowflake design is even and you can catch a glimpse of the mincemeat housed in the centre. Also Tick. The mincemeat is quite dry, and has a mild taste of the Courvoisier VS Cognac which is pleasant. For the visual appeal, these are wonderful pies but the pastry is nearly as thick as a normal sized pie and the mincemeat was far too dry for me.



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