Tesco Finest 6 All Butter Pastry Deep Filled Rhubarb & Stem Ginger Pies

Um…. Phil, what the heck do you think you’re doing? This is pie number 24. It is NOT a Mince pie, however.

£2.00 for six, or two packs for £3.00

I saw these in Tesco and they won me over by looks alone. Not the box and wood design, which I described further in my previous post.What won me over was the beautiful, golden, rich looking filling pouring out of the pie in the picture. For those of you that love mincemeat, I think you’ll agree that if they had a deep golden hue, they would be even more desirable.

I am not a fan of Ginger beer, nor do I enjoy stem ginger. I do, however, love the odd slice of ginger cake and ginger nut biscuits. So i’m on the fence as to whether I will enjoy this. The second ingredient to mention is the rhubarb. a tart ingredient at the best of times, but cooked down well, with lots of love (and sugar) these could provide a delicious taste combination.

Unlike the tiddlers I reviewed previously, these pies do not come with a plastic wrapper, but I cannot think why. The six pale pies have plenty of sugar and the same snowflake design I’ve seen on other Tesco Finest pies, which work well. The tray is a golden yellow colour, to symbolise that these are not a mince pie, much the same way as fruit pies are usually a different colour depending on the flavour.

The pastry is soft, sweet and yet holds together tremendously well. The filling is smooth but not too wet which is very appealing. Ginger is not the overpowering taste, in fact, I couldn’t even taste it so won’t complain. the rhubarb isn’t sharp, it’s mellow and smooth and the taste is extremely moreish.

I would happily eat ALL of the pies, as they leave you longing for another. They aren’t mince pies so won’t get top marks but for something different and for someone who would like an alternative to mincemeat, I recommend you give these a try.




7 thoughts on “Tesco Finest 6 All Butter Pastry Deep Filled Rhubarb & Stem Ginger Pies

  1. Bought some today and they are very disappointing. No discernible ginger nor rhubarb flavour just a sweet goo in a quite tasty butter pastry.


  2. I also enjoyed these rhubarb and ginger pies because I hate mincemeat and rich fruit cakes. There are many people that feel like me. Why doesTescos not have these pies this year???.

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