4 Bakery Mince Pies, by Tesco

My wife and her friend Emila purchased these pies. Thank you for leaving me one, i’m very grateful.

I couldn’t find any bakery pies the last time I went to the store, so i’m pleased to know these exist and I have the chance to review them.

The packaging is quite simple plastic, which is see through and you can see a well defined pastry tree shape floating in a sea of mincemeat. The pies look delicious, but also closely resemble those jam tarts your can buy with lemon, strawberry and blackcurrant flavours.

The mincemeat looks glossy and uneven, but for a bakery pie, i’m willing to lower my standards. A bit.

80p is all you have pay for these.

The mincemeat originally looked as though it could be dry as it was exposed, but one bite puts that concern to bed. The mincemeat is sweet and delicious with enough moisture to keep you happy. The pie feels lighter than it probably is and the absence of  a lid definitely helps with this.

A bit too shallow for my liking, but a delicious taste.



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