4 Baker’s Selection Mince Pies, by Asda

Pie number 27. Four pies cost 75p.

As November begins to end, the Christmas CD has been played in the car on repeat with every journey and I’ve found it harder to hold off going up into the loft to get the decorations down. I’m very tempted to, though.

I am allowed to eat a mince pie, so that’s what i’ll do.

This review is for another pack of bakery pies, so there isn’t a beautiful box or long winded description of the contents, but the plastic packaging supplied looks as though it offers respectable protection in case of bumps and knocks.At first glance, each pie looks uniform which is a plus point for a bakery pie, although the underside reveals a tad of mincemeat that made a bid for freedom. The pies look to be heavily dusted with delicate icing sugar giving the impression of an outdoor scene after a short burst of snowfall.

The pie I took was housed in two cases. It was the only one. Perhaps the little chappy was cold? Each pie is quite shallow but at the same nice and wide.

There is drier mincemeat which is not massively flavourful. I can taste some whole fruit and the mincemeat is certainly not overpowering. The pastry is not too sweet nor is it too thick which was a worry prior to testing. To counteract a potential thick pastry lid, the icing sugar was a good addition. I believe these would be lovely served with some cream, but the mincemeat wasn’t exciting or vibrant enough for me.



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