6 Chocolate Orange Mince Pies

Aldi seem to have a new pack of mince pies every time I go in to store. Do they realise I’m reviewing them? More to the point, do they realise I have a sweet tooth? Chocolate orange has always been a favourite of mine so I am hoping that the flavour combination works well with mincemeat. Get it wrong and these pies could be a bit of a disaster.

My wife’s friend Emily mentioned these were for sale and luckily we found the last two on the shelf. The price was reasonable too, between £1.29 and £1.59 for a pack of six. There was a sticker for salted caramel mince pies as well, but there were none.

The packaging, unsurprisingly, has sections of orange as well as a central section which is matt black. A rectangular plastic window showcases the pies and shimmering gold detailing finishes the classy look.

Each pie has been embellished with Noel piped in pastry on the lid. There is no sugar on top, but from the outset you kind of expect the pie to be sweet enough, right?

The pastry is a good thickness and the mincemeat/chocolate filling is quite solid but flavourful. The chocolate filling is not overly sweet, almost bittersweet, but compliments the zesty mincemeat well. Almost every other bite presents you with slightly more of one or the other filling, making the experience very enjoyable. On the occasions where I tasted more orange than chocolate, I could almost be eating a Jaffa cake.

I can’t really fault the pies and I would happily eat these hot or cold and at any time of the year. They’re a delicious, interesting dessert and I hope you buy and try these.  10/10

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