3 varieties, Waitrose bakery mince pies 

Mr Chay Boare surprised me this afternoon with two paper bags containing some delicious mincemeat products !

Two mince pies and a mincemeat cranberry crumble.

The two pies are large and deep too. one contains mincemeat and is finished with a pastry star and icing sugar, whilst the other is a festive take on a frangipan, but with a mincemeat layer. 

Each pie was £1.25, which is a moderate outlay for a single product, however these are sizable and certainly look well constructed.

The frangipan pie had a great flavour, but there wasn’t enough mincemeat even though it was flavourful. 

The mince pie with the star lid was delicious, it had a lot of tasty, slightly sharper mincemeat and sweet pastry. I enjoyed the taste but the mincemeat could have been a touch sweeter.

The last item was the best. It was a crumbly, delicious slice with zesty, sharp cranberry mincemeat and it was incredibly moreish. the crumble topping was a great contrast to the mincemeat which works really well.

The frangipan pie 8/10

The star topped mince pie 8.5/10

the mincemeat cranberry crumble 9/10

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