6 Luxury Mince Pies, from Makro

good evening!

I must open with an apology. If you read one of my earlier blogs in which I detailed what I wanted to do going forward and which pies I was going to review next, I said I’d review pies in a specific order. I failed. So here goes with a chaotic blog post..

Thanks to my colleague Paul for supplying me with these!

I believe the price of these pies was £1.68.

The box is dark and branding on the pies is Sargents Bakery.

The pies have a well domed lid and star shaped pattern on top. Each pie looks deep, about an inch in total. I’m always a fan of a plastic pie peephole.

My first bite uncovers thick pastry which is strong and not very sweet. The mincemeat turns out to not be very flavourful, but there is a hint of alcohol coming through. The mincemeat could do with being more moist as you are left with quite a dry mouth.


One thought on “6 Luxury Mince Pies, from Makro

  1. We had a Mince Off! Competition where 20 people sampled 15 brands of mince pies & Sargents luxury were the clear winner.


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