Iceland 6 Deep Fill Mince Pies

1st mince pie iceland

6 pies for £1.00.

Last year I carried out my second mince pie review, using WordPress

instead of Facebook. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and hopefully you did too. If you’re new here… I hope you like mince pies!!

Tonight, on 10 October 2017, I kick the 2017 Mince Pie Review off with Iceland’s standard entry mince pies. Six pies only set you back a twelve-sided £1 coin, which is fantastic value for money.

The box is dark, and mildly festive, with a left-aligned title box topped with a Christmas tree and some silver line embellishments. I don’t care for the word Fill, but looking at the large font, I reckon the word Fill was the only thing that could ‘fill’ the space without screwing the writing up. The box contains a picture of all six pies, three of which are haphazardly placed atop each other. Hopefully the pies look as beautifully presented as they do on the box!

It feels like Christmas, opening and sliding the tray out of the box, wondering what will I  see? I see six, uniform pies, with a well crimped edge, ample holly and a somewhat trivial handful of granulated sugar. I prefer granulated sugar over icing sugar as you feel a decent crunch when your tooth comes across a granule, whereas icing sugar seems to disappear, sometimes down your throat if you’re a bit too eager. Never breathe in whilst taking a bite.

Each pie is approximately an inch high from base to top, with a well domed lid. The casing comes away with no effort and the pastry is firm and dry.

I’m greeted with moist, flavoursome mincemeat, a slight taste of alcohol and some welcome whole raisins/currants/sultanas [delete as appropriate]. In that order. With the second bite, I swear I can hear Noddy Holder shouting “it’s Chriiiiiiiiistmasssss…” and then I can taste pastry that will be able to withstand being eaten whilst you’re holding it (no fork). Just what I hoped for. What a good first pie.

Could there have been a bit more mincemeat? Maybe. Could the pastry have been a touch sweeter? Perhaps. Two of these could be polished off with minimal effort, and with you only forking out a quid, they offer brilliant value for money.

Taste (out of 10) – 7

Value (out of 10) – 9


  • Positive – Price and wetter mincemeat +1
  • Negative – Pastry could be a bit sweeter -2

Overall – 15/20

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