Marks & Spencer’s 6 All Butter Mince pies

Pie number 2.

A big thank you to my mate, Chay Boare, for supplying me with two brands of boxed mince pies. Two boxes. Not two mince pies, two boxes of them. I WILL bring the rest back in to work for everyone… after my clinical analysis.

The first box, and the subject of today’s review, you already know as it’s plastered at the top of this blog entry – Marks & Spencer’s 6 All Butter Mince pies. They are suitable for home freezing, so you can ignore the November Best Before date. I’ve never had a defrosted mince pie, perhaps I need to review that next?

The pies cost my dear friend £1.80, and I’ll be damned if I could find any information about them on their website at all. The box is different to last year’s entry, opting for a solid red colour scheme, almost slate- like in appearance with a small vines worth of currants(?). The four pies pictured on t the box look to be the correct size of the pie you’ll get when you open them up. I don’t understand the necessity of any size ‘bite’ being ‘taken’ from the pies; I would gather that the person designing them wants you to know that the picture didn’t even manage to get taken before someone needed to take a bite. Perhaps it was the photographer? Fire them.

One end of the box has some ivy, pine and other greenery going on. One small end. I literally have no idea why.

I pull out a rather deep black tray. The pies are sunk down somewhat, which must help protect them from all the other groceries we always place on top of delicate pastry goods, even with the best intentions.

The pies look quite neat, with a small cut out star in the centre. I can see mincemeat with my own eyes! The pie lids aren’t particularly uniform, but they have a decent amount of granulated sugar on. Points for that.

They come out of the tray easily enough, whilst staying complete.

Yum. The mincemeat is drier than I expected, but is sweet and tangy with delicious whole fruit in your mouth. I am still chewing on a piece of mixed peel I believe. The pastry has a good taste to it but not too sweet.

Everything was going well, but as I took my mouth away from the pie on bite two, the pastry lid decided to join me, like I had gestured to it with my eyes “jump in, there’s plenty of room for the whole lid”. The pie lid is quite thick, and although tasty, it does get marked down for being a bit too solid. Like when you tuck into a delicious sandwich, only to find EVERY piece of bacon has come out with bite one. And you’re left with lettuce. And disgust.

Taste (out of 10) – 8

Value (out of 10) – 7


  • Positive – delicious, whole-fruit mincemeat +2
  • Negative – Pastry lid didn’t break favourably -2

Overall – 15/20

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