Soreen Winter Spice Festive Fruit Loaf

“Shh, Doreen’s having her Soreen”…

Does anyone else remember that line for an old Soreen advert?

£1.00 gets you a 260g loaf. Very reasonable. I purchased this from Tesco

This was purchased with my beautiful wife in mind. She loves malt loaf and I love her, and reviewing things. This is festive too, so it just made sense.

The packaging gave this product away immediately, an assortment of shades of the colour green, a wreath on top fabricated from the fruit within the loaf and pinecones. The words Winter Spice and Festive Fruit Loaf couldn’t steer me wrong either.

Opening the bag releases delicious aromatic smells; the original loaf smells good normally, and this is a step up. Think Christmas cake. Yeah.

I enjoy my malt loaf sliced with too much (in others’ opinion) butter on top. I find that very enjoyable. Today however, I am eating it with nothing on…. Fully clothed.

It has the same dense texture I know and love, but with a more adult taste. What I mean by that is that the spices make the loaf almost a bit savoury. It has a deeper flavour but I don’t know whether I enjoy it that much.

As it’s not a mince pie, it won’t be rated in the same manner. Try it yourself and see what you think. From one slice, I still have a taste in the back of my mouth which isn’t exactly pleasant.


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