Tesco 6 Plum, Pear and Cinnamon Fruit Pies

Cost – £1.00

Last year, Tesco produced some alternative pies alongside their mince pies, one type of which contained rhubarb and ginger Tesco Finest 6 All Butter Pastry Deep Filled Rhubarb & Stem Ginger Pies. I really enjoyed these with their refreshingly different taste and respected that Tesco were thinking outside of the conventional mincemeat filled pies, to satiate more appetites.

This year, up to now, Tesco have a few different packs of mince pies on sale, but I noticed last year they were adding several new lines, such as the selection pack Tesco Finest Festive Pastry Tarts, 6 Pack and the Rhubarb and ginger pies much nearer to Christmas.

Based on last year’s pies, these were swiftly purchased.

The box looks red and busy, but in a good way. The pies, being fruit ones, don’t look to have any sugar on other than the icing sugar placed on for the sake of a perfect photograph. Other than the six pies on a gold plate, the scene contains some pine, sticks of cinnamon, star anise and some red and white striped string. The latter being for no reason! The pie filling on show looks glossy and delicious. Surely, it’s flirting with me.

The first thing to notice when the pies are withdrawn from their cardboard box is that they do contain granulated sugar. Tick. I need to check, but I don’t believe normal fruit pies have any on. The pie case is silver; the same as mince pies. There is the chance that, given the festive packaging and the pies’ proximity to the mince pies, you could pick these up thinking they contained decadent black heaven.

Each pie is uniform and there is quite a large crimp.

I need to eat one.

The pastry is well structured and quite sweet, with the dominant taste of pear coming through. The filling isn’t overly moist until your second or third bite but is smooth and thick. I didn’t taste too much plum in each bite, nor was the pie over the top with cinnamon but pear is quite a distinctive taste.

In summary this was a tasty, different type of pie which you can consume with ease. Like any fruit pie. I didn’t really get a festive feeling from these but if you don’t want a mince pie these will only set you back a pound which is pretty decent.

NOT mince pies, so out of five, I’ll give them a 2.5/5.

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