6 Deep Filled Mince Pies by Aldi

Two pies down, now on to the third shortcrust speciality

6 pies for 79p

Let us take a moment and consider things that cost 79p. Just seventy-nine pence.  I don’t even need to use the pound sign for these. Based on the price alone, It would be nearly impossible to walk past these! Aldi offered these beauties for the same price last year Deep Fill 6 Mince Pies, by Aldi , so kudos to them for that.

I find it hard to walk past any mince pies at the moment but that’s why I’m reviewing them. I’m always drawn to the little boxes of varying colours in search of that pinnacle pie. For you.

The box is darker than last year and filled with deep, rich reds. The scene is that of a bunch of pies, arranged on a plate, albeit it a bit rushed. Like the person who put these on the plate? At short notice when the in-laws ‘dropped by’.

The offset title is a dark red oval neatly presented, however, underneath the title is a picture of Christmas pudding, not a mince pie. Answers on a postcard about that?

Cost and presentation aside… the pies look pretty prefect. A large crimp on the edge and a lot of mincemeat which is holding its own considering that some of the exterior has been completely removed.

The pies contain ample granulated sugar and the pastry seems well baked. As I compromised the pastry roof, the shortcrust holds well.

The pastry holds well because It is a bit thick but the mincemeat to pastry ratio is slightly off. There is enough air in each pie, when cut, to put my little finger in without touching pastry or mincemeat. On the subject of the mincemeat, it is tasty, but it’s cooked down a bit too much meaning you don’t get the whole fruits in your mouth. The pie is a bit underwhelming.

Taste (out of 10) – 4

Value (out of 10) – 10


Positive – The price is a big positive +2

Negative – Not a pie to wow guests, or your own taste buds -2

Overall – 14/20

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