Asda 6 Mince Pies

Mince pie number four

89p – Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

This is another cracking priced pie which won’t require a friend to stand in as a guarantor. The box is heavier than many other packs I’ve purchased so maybe the mincemeat is heavier? Is that a thing?

The box is red and gold, with the former being the surface on which the pies rest as well as the background. Four pies have been placed in the picture and one has been gently smashed up to reveal ample mincemeat. As with most mince pies I’ve reviewed, the title box is left aligned and the lettering is gold. Snowflakes adorn the top left and bottom right corners.

The wording under Mince Pies reads “Juicy raisins, festive spices and crumbly pastry… because it’s not Christmas without them”. I believe it doesn’t feel like Christmas without mince pies, however the description above could be misconstrued to mean it’s not Christmas without raisins, spices and Pastry! What a hoot it must be in their household!

The pies are vegetarian and Vegan friendly, so thumbs up for that. I Wonder if this will alter the taste at all? Often, you will find the more expensive pies will only be vegetarian.

Ooh, the pie is one is one of the smaller I’ve seen, but the star on top is well defined and there is a heart-warming amount of granulated sugar on top.

The pie is deliciously sweet all over, which is pleasant all the way through eating. The pastry is soft inside which more than compensates for a thick pastry lid. The mincemeat is very sweet, but cooked down quite a way. I would love this to be fruitier but sadly it isn’t.

On reflection, the pie is a touch too sweet. I honestly didn’t think I would wish for it not to be. The pastry was sweet but the mincemeat was even sweeter. A good dollop of standard vanilla ice cream could sort the sweetness out.

Taste (out of 10) – 5

Value (out of 10) – 10


Positive – The price is a big positive, plus Vegan friendly +3

Negative – Overly sweet and the reason this pie is quite small -2

Overall – 16/20

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