Luxury 6 Mince Pies, by Iceland


2016’s entry : Luxury 6 Mince Pies by Iceland

Phil, why do you sometimes write the pie titles weirdly? Well, I write the title as close to the box as I can. The fact this box of mince Pies decided to start with the word Luxury implies that the word luxury is one of the important words and so takes pride of place as the first thing you read.

Perhaps, finding the supermarket’s name – Iceland at the opposite side of the box is supposed to surprise some people? I think it was placed at the bottom because the two different text styles together would look a festive fiasco.

The box is dark and has an adult feel to it, with blurred lights in the back ground; something I’ve seen on many pies and seems to work in filling an area and suggest a bit more depth on the box. What I find a very nice touch on this box (no pun intended) is that the front three of five pies are slightly raised and have a glossy feel. Some money has been put into the look of this packaging and the rest of it has a matt effect except the reflective lettering on the title.

Once the tray is pulled from the cardboard I have a shiny golden tray with six icing-sugar-covered pies looking at me, each draped with a large and small pastry star over their centres. I’ll breathe lightly, for fear of icing sugar inhalation. See, this are adult pies.

The pies are quite uneven which spoils the luxury theme. As I put the Bugatti brochure down, I realise these are £1.89 and can let Iceland off with the looks, if the taste is where I need it to be. I need to test this pie.

The pastry is nice and firm and there isn’t a struggle to separate pie and casing.

** If you have difficulty salivating, it might be worth accompanying your pie with a drink. The first bite reminded me that a lot of the luxury style mince pies contain alcohol. I could taste fruity, brandy infused mincemeat from the off, but in no way, was it off putting. The pie held together in my hand due to sturdy pastry and in the end, we saw the full process through together as friends.

Taste (out of 10) – 7

Value (out of 10) – 8


Positive – pastry and mincemeat compliments each other very well + 3

Negative – stars on each pie could be neater -1

Overall – 17/20

2 thoughts on “Luxury 6 Mince Pies, by Iceland

  1. Totally agree on the packaging, although admittedly I did miss the embossed bit on the front. I still can’t get over the depth of the box versus the depth of the pies here though. It’s no wonder they’re £1.89 when they’re half the size of some of the others.

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