Luxury 6 Festive Tart Selection, by Iceland


Tart: noun. an open pastry case with a filling, usually of something sweet such as fruit.

With this review, half a dozen mince pies have been reviewed. Iceland is getting quite a bit of the limelight presently, but today’s offering was stumbled upon by chance. I purchased two packs of their pies last week and they were they were the only full-sized pies available. This week, they have a new offering and it might appeal to a lot of you out there.

Who doesn’t like a selection pack? And who doesn’t love tarts?! [Here was Tesco’s offering last year Tesco Finest Festive Pastry Tarts, 6 Pack]

In the pack there are:

2 Festive Almond Tarts

2 Fruit & Nut Tarts

2 Lattice Topped Mince Tarts (from the visual, I’m classing these as mince pies)

The packaging is very similar to the last post so the luxury theme is continued.

The difference with this pack, aside from the price and flagrant use of the word tart, is that this box has a visual pie appreciate window. I used this to choose the order I was going to eat them in. A fork has been well placed in the picture just to the left of the window. Tuck in!

I appreciate that Iceland decided to place pictures on the box as well as the window, so you can compare the intended product and reality. To me, both look the same, plus the picture of the Festive Almond Tart shows me what is inside, whereas you can clearly tell with the other two.

For the £2.00 you’ve exchanged, you get a product that is sealed to keep the freshness in and the familiar golden tray as with the link above.

Almond Tart first. It tastes like a frangipan tart, but with no icing. The sponge on top is light and moist.  The mincemeat is fruity and delicious. The taste combination great. Apologies for the short sentences. Not a mince pie, but I’ll give it a respectful 3.5/5

Fruit & Nut Tart comes next. This looks like a mince pie but filled to the brim due to the absence of lid. Hopefully the top isn’t too dry without the safety of its mincemeat shield. Wow. At first, think of Christmas cake meets a mince pie at a party with no alcohol. The result is a deep, cake-like taste with an almost toffee-like taste. The nuts are soft and extremely palatable. Wow. Also not a mince pie but these get a 4.5/5 because they are interesting and moreish.

This leaves the Lattice Topped Mince ‘Tart’. I’m giving this the full mince pie judgement. The lattice top is a pretty look, although I’ve found that lattice top can mean dry mincemeat. I spy granulated sugar, so I’m a bit happier.

I can taste the alcohol when I bite through the flimsy lattice lid. The ingredients state there is cider as well as brandy in the pie. The consistency of the mincemeat is closer to how I prefer it, wetter, mildly fruity and with some whole fruits to great you. The pie is quite shallow and the pastry tastes distinctly average and didn’t complement the innards as well as I had hoped.

Taste (out of 10) – 6

Value (out of 10) – 6


Positive – Well presented and wetter mincemeat + 2

Negative – Too shallow, the least impressive of the three products -2

Overall – 12/20

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