Deliciously Free From Mince Pies, by Sainsbury’s

Four pies for £2.00 – wheat free, gluten free and milk free

On Sunday 22 October, I managed to haul myself around the 10 mile course of the Great South Run in Portsmouth. It was a massive achievement for me, having not run that distance before and only running a few times beforehand. I found the whole event very enriching and the crowds were fantastic at spurring the runners on, whilst offering water and jelly babies! I urge anyone to give it a go.

The few days that followed were a bit of a wake up! You don’t realise how many muscles you have until they all ache. I’ve also decided I’ll retire my running trainers and purchase a new pair.

Back to the pies!

This offering is vegetarian, wheat free, gluten free and milk free! Respect.

The box is square, and as such you know you’re only getting four pies. My guess for the reasons behind this decision, the ingredients are expensive to make a like for like product without the wheat, gluten and milk or the product is tailor made for a certain audience and not everyone needs to eat these, and so four is sufficient.

Whatever the reason, the box is bright red and inviting, with a plump Robin, some decorative holly leaves, sparkling stars and snow/distant stars(?). The plastic window in the top right corner shows a rather messy looking pie, but I always appreciate being able to view the goods before purchase. I can count approximately seventeen grains of sugar on top of the displayed pie.

The pies are well packaged with a plastic duvet, but once opened, I can smell the different type of pastry. On the subject of pastry, the lids are quite neat, each with a rounded edge however the lid doesn’t really join well with the walls of the pie. Mincemeat is hanging out of every pie. These aren’t going to win a beauty competition for their looks.

The pastry is different, in mouth feel, texture and look. It is quite sweet, but doesn’t hold together well. More of a pie for a dish. The mincemeat is rather dry and you can taste a heavier touch of spice when you try it alone.

I cannot say I bequeath to you the winning pie! This does fill a void in the market for people who can’t or don’t want to eat wheat, gluten or milk and for that it is a brilliant addition on the shelves over Christmas.

I will keep looking for a delicious mince pie in this category.

Taste (out of 10) – 4

Value (out of 10) – 6


Positive – helps more people enjoy mince pies! +5

Negative – Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy the taste or look -2

Overall – 13/20

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