Festive Turkey Feast, by Wilkinson’s


A lot of people pass Wilkinson’s (or Wilko’s/Wilkies/Wilkson) by when it comes to sandwiches or wraps. I always enjoy their food and find it extremely well priced compared to most of the supermarkets you have in your town or city. Sandwiches start from £1.00 and they often do specials where they offer 50% free.


This particular sandwich is their festive offering. It’s a meaty treat with the sweetness from cranberry sauce and offers you a well filled sandwich for only £2.00.

The packaging is the telltale sign you are picking up a Christmas sandwich, festooned with all manner of white festive pictures right aligned on a bright red pack. Limited Edition tells warns you to be quick, this won’t be around forever… but you’ll be safe for a few months.

For someone who wants a filling meat-laden sandwich, this is wonderful. The bacon and Lincolnshire sausage have a good flavour and the stuffing, mixed with the mayonnaise ensure you are fulfilled.


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