Turkey Stuffing, Ham Hock & Plum Chutney, Cheddar & Red Onion Chutney Sandwich, by Boots

** I am impartial. My review would have been exactly the same even if this was not reduced. I just love and enjoy food.

On my trip around town looking for a tasty bite, I walked in to Boots.. or rather I entered the store. The layout had been changed recently and the chiller counter was where the tills used to be. About half of the chilled sandwiches, wraps and other products you’d associate with lunch food were reduced, 50p or less. I won’t buy a full priced sandwich if there is a reduced one of the type I wanted anyway. Perhaps I might think twice if it is a prawn sandwich.

I picked up a club sandwich, but my eyes were drawn to red packaging and the words Merry Christmas. okay, my mind was made up. I was having whatever this was. It turned out to be a festive trio sandwich.

I munched each sandwich in the following order: Cheese > Ham > Turkey.

Inside the box, reads an ambiguous festive message (because you are already eating their festive range) which is still a nice touch.

The Cheese sandwich was nice enough, with the red onion chutney offering a slight break from some mild, bland tasting cheddar. The ham hock was tender and my favourite of the three. The plum chutney was near non-existent and didn’t add any difference to the taste. The Turkey sandwich contained stuffing that was bland, however the turkey was nice and firm with solid white meat.

This sandwich retails at a hefty £3.25, so I wouldn’t really recommend it when there are nicer tasting alternatives. I honestly don’t think a fresh sandwich would offer much more than this one did.


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