Mr Kipling 6 Christmas Slices

£2.00 for three packs of two (6)

This review takes a mild detour to the world of Christmas cake. My first review of a Christmas cake product was with good ol’ Mr Kipling. This was the only brand I knew of when I was younger if I wanted to have a fruit pie or… a Viennese whirl! Yum!

The packaging is spot on. Made to resemble a present covered in wrapping paper, the festive green box is covered in gold foil effect pictures and the title neatly resembles a tag for said present.

Could I get away with a box of these for my wife as her main present? Well, she does like icing.

Mr Kipling classes the layer under the icing as a soft almond layer, but we all know this as marzipan right? I do not know the difference.

Unwrapping my little gift, I can see a lot of icing. Lots of it. The icing is nearly as thick as the sponge in some areas. The sponge is quite flat, when you compare it to the image on the packaging.

Eating the slice is more like eating a thick piece of icing with a suggestion of Christmas cake underneath. I did eat both slices, but purely for research purposes.

Really quite sweet, but not for me


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