Specially Selected 6 Mince Pies, by Aldi

Last year’s review:Specially Selected All Butter Cognac Laced Mince pies from Aldi

I lost the receipt for these, but according to https://www.kamcity.com/namnews/products-promotions/aldi-unveils-extensive-range-mince-pies/ The price was £1.49

Aldi produced my favourite mince pies last year 6 Chocolate Orange Mince Pies and the packaging was very similar to this box. I managed to purchase two boxes of them before they disappeared off the face of the earth. I’ve heard that there were salted caramel mince pies as well, but I didn’t even get close to finding any of those.

If I see any this year, I will make sure I buy enough to see me through winter.

There were a lot of boxes of the standard pies when I went to the shop recently, which I’m reviewing now. The price of £1:49 is great for the pocket and the box has a well thought out, luxury feel even though it isn’t too festive. The left and right borders are an orangey-red colour overlaid with gold diamond shapes. You get the feel that you could be holding a present.

The highlighted parts of text, in gold lettering, draw your eye to the important parts. The mincemeat is cognac steeped, and the ingredients have been sourced by Aldi’s experts.

We have a window! We can see our little pastry friends smiling back at us as we decide which order to eat them in.

I have chosen the pie most heavily laden with icing sugar. If I accidentally inhale whilst eating, know that I loved Father Christmas. The pie tray is almost as sugary as the pie, so a quick warning, do not eat the sugary metal tray, however delicious and tempting it looks.

My pie has a six-pointed snow flake on and all six pies have an even dome, large crimp and similar light brown colour.

The pastry is quite buttery, flaky and not overly sweet. The medium-sweet mincemeat is not too dry and on the second bite you can taste the cognac which isn’t overpowering. I’d suggest this as a dessert pie, served with warm cream or custard. Not a spectacle pie, but tasty nonetheless.

Taste (out of 10) – 7

Value (out of 10) – 7


Positive – great looking pie, which tasted good + 2

Negative – mincemeat lacked the wow I had hoped for -0.5

Overall – 15.5/20



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