Marks & Spencer The Collection: 6 Mince Pies

£2.50 for 6

Hi all,

Can you believe it’s the 1st November already? This year has so far passed me by with incredible speed.

That is what happens when you have a child. Forget free time until they’re asleep (which is never guaranteed!) but I’m never bored and am much happier for having him. He likes mince pies too.. i’m so proud!

I’ll describe my pie procurement process. I’ll enter a shop and usually know exactly the pies I’ve reviewed previously, so as not to buy the same type again (!). I don’t rely on the internet to see which places sell what products, as they are normally terrible at displaying such information!! seriously, have a look right now.

Today I thought I had purchased the M&S puff pastry pies, but I had accidentally bought a pack of the shortcrust mince pies! An unintentional duplication.. they were: Marks & Spencer’s 6 All Butter Mince pies

I did however, pick up the pies mentioned in the title. Here’s how they fared last year: 6 Star Mince Pies, by Marks & Spencer

The box looks to have been toned down from last year, even down to M&S removing the word ‘Star’ from the description. The picture on the box doesn’t seem as enticing either and the pie doesn’t seem as deep and plentiful in mincemeat. The gentle sprinkle of icing sugar on the pictured pies belies the truth you can see through the boxes’ window where these have had a hundredweight bag of icing sugar dropped on them.

The pie design is still quite pretty, but not prettier than last year’s design. The theme for many supermarkets this year seems to be snowflakes and these are no exception.

The paper pie trays are now gone. They have been replaced with a foil tray, but not a silver one. A weak gold colour.

Tuck in already.

I’m surprised with these. The light pastry compliments the rich juicy mincemeat. On the subject of the mincemeat, it is fruity and the fruits still taste juicy. These aren’t deep pies and as such, it’s easy to fill each one with mincemeat. The box states the pies are a new recipe, and they weren’t wrong. I could eat three of these in one quick sitting. Give them a try if the price doesn’t put you off.

Taste (out of 10) – 9

Value (out of 10) – 5


Positive – delicious mincemeat and great overall taste +4

Negative – £2.50 is quite steep but they lose less points for the above reason -1

Overall – 17/20

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