ALDI 6 All Butter Almond Tarts


ALDI finally have their full range of mince pies, tarts and Christmas puddings. There really does seem to be something for everyone, unless you aren’t a fan of raisin-laden products, Christmas or cardboard.

I drove specially to the store on 14th November as per the date mentioned on an online news article, only to find my local store only had the standard pies which I’ve reviewed and nothing else. I left the store, upset.

Today I was in luck. I expertly steered my trolley straight to the festive food filled isle and excitedly picked up a box of all the best-looking, new pies. The ones I loved from last year were still there as well as new ones!

The lady at the till didn’t realise ALDI sold different types of mince pies, to which I should have replied “you don’t read my important mince pie blog, shame on you”. I also heard the two older ladies behind me, talking about the pies I had placed gently on the conveyor belt. All in all they were getting a positive reaction.

This, as you can see by the title, is not a pie, but a tart.

The tarts look similar to the Heston’s mince pies I tasted in 2015, with a hockey puck resemblance. They have a delicious crunch, with each one having a solid outer layer of pastry and toasted almond top which is a very enjoyable experience. The tart contains a good level of mincemeat and the whole product goes together well.

I advise you to give these a try. My mum said they were delicious, and my dad finished his (two) in no time at all.

Taste (out of 10) – 8

Value (out of 10) – 6


Positive – fantastic bite, superb flavour +3

Negative – no negatives

Overall – 17/20

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