ALDI Christmas Sandwiches

£1.69 sandwich is a great price.

The first sandwich – Turkey Feast with pigs under blankets – £1.69

The stuffing was not too dry, as there was a good amount of mayonnaise on the bread. The sausage was well seasoned, but I felt the sandwich didn’t actually require bacon or sausage to work well. The turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce would have made a delicious sandwich on its own.

The price is fantastic, and so it gets a 4.5/5

The second sandwich – Ham Hock with farmhouse Cheddar and plum chutney – £1.69

The ham hock is meaty and a little dry, actually. The two slices of bread don’t stick together well as there is lettuce in between which means you need to keep a good hold on the sandwich for fear of losing one side. The chutney had a decent festive flavour and worked particularly well with the ham hock, but it lacked the sharpness to work that well with the cheese.

A sandwich that feels like two different types forced together. Pleasant tasting, but not the best match


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