Asda Extra Special Mince Pies (Bakery)

4 Pies for £1.50

Last year’s review can be found here: Asda Extra Special 4 Mince Pies, Baked in Store

Over the last few weeks, I have noticed Asda have been rolling out more festive products. I was extremely glad to see that these had come back on the shelves, as I hold fond memories of them from the last time we met.

I had gone to Asda today to buy their Extra Special 6 pk mince pies ( just like last year) but on the previous occasion, there were none available. Today, the 6 pk pies were stacked up on the shelves just waiting for me to buy, but they looked terrible. There was no special detailing on the pies, which I could overlook, but the pie lids looked rough, there was no sugar on top of them and they certainly were not special.

These, I remember from last year, were delicious.

What struck me was just how deep the pies were. By far the deepest pies I’ve reviewed and they were full of delicious mincemeat.

So I purchased a pack and tucked in, not 5 minutes later.

The presentation on two of the pies was neat and tidy, with no visible mincemeat seepage. The other two had minor mincemeat mishaps, but I lower my standards slightly for bakery pies.

If you want a deep filled pie with a great amount of sweet, succulent (and alcoholic!) mincemeat, this could be the pie for you.

Taste (out of 10) – 9

Value (out of 10) – 8


Positive – Truly deep filled, delicious mincemeat +3

Negative – mincemeat COULD be too alcoholic tasting for some -1

Overall – 19/20

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