Mr Kipling 6 Iced Top Mince Pies

£1.50 for six pies

I haven’t reviewed any of these (pies with an icing top) this year, so this was a perfect time. I received these as part of my birthday present from my sister Amy, Cheers!

The box is a deep red, with mini foil-material inspired present, balls and star shapes. Three pies are on show in the picture, one if which has been nibbled on causing mincemeat to become exposed.

The pictured pies have the most even iced topping you could ever dream of, however I dont believe this could be achieved on every pie.

Opening the box, the icing is quite even. This must have been poured whike quite wet and as such, has set well. And quite even. The pies are really quite small.

There is a nice even crimp on each pie.

The icing actually makes a nice change from shortcrust pastry on all sides, and the surface that caresses the mincemeat is soft and enjoyable without being too sweet; this is coming from someone who doesn’t really like icing.

The mincemeat is nice tasting and not dry. 

Taste (out of 10) 7

Value (out of 10)  8


Positives – different taste, wet mincemeat +2

Negatives – small and icing is not for everyone -1


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