6 Sweet Mince Pies, by Greggs 

£1.75 gets you six large, shallow mince pies decorated with some icing sugar.

Thanks once again to Mr Chay Boare for giving me these. My stomach told me to tell you that it’s grateful!

The side profile of the bright red box is a hexagonal shape as these pies are sold on their side and at a 45 degree angle. You immediately notice this when you peer through the large window at the pies nestled within.

Despite being a shallow pie, they are probably the widest i’ve reviewed and I hope the mincemeat is generous.

Under the title, certain sections of text have been made bold to enable you to pick out the important parts while you’re dashing in to Greggs quickly for a sausage roll or festive bake (review to follow soon).

These are baked in the shop.

Let’s dive in.

The pale, unsweet pastry is rather uneven and the sugar coating is random.

The mincemeat is sweet and wet, with whole fruits and is slightly tart. This would be good after a heavy meal and they are well filled with mincemeat.

Taste (out of 10) – 8

Value (out of 10) – 7

Positives – well filled and good tasting mincemeat +2

Negatives – presentation could do with being a bit smarter -1


One thought on “6 Sweet Mince Pies, by Greggs 

  1. Hey, I love your article. I recently completed an post on storing food. I love to make my own meat for Fall!. I will be creating a basic ice cream to go with it. The teeny boppers will be on holiday and I am sure they are going to love it.


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