Deluxe 6 Luxury Mince Pies, by Lidl


Many thanks to my boss, Mitch for buying these beauties.

I do buy my own pies as well, honestly!

Image result for Lidl mince pies

I didn’t realise Lidl did any different pies other than their very well priced 12 pack, so I was very pleased to come back from lunch and see these on my desk.

The box is black and there seems to be quite a bit happening, to keep your eye entertained. A festive drink is placed almost out of the picture, perhaps it’s Mulled wine? perhaps something stronger depending on the day you’ve had.

My attention is drawn to the rather deep looking pie place near-centre on the box. the mincemeat looks to contain large chunks of identifiable fruit which is not a common trend in the world o’ mince pies.

The pies are a uniform pale colour and look well presented. The crimp is good. The picture is quite spot on, I could taste (and see) pieces of peel and whole raisins/currants/sultanas. The mincemeat was slightly drier but had a delicious taste.

Taste (out of 10) – 7

Value (out of 10) – 8


Positive – great tasting mincemeat +2

Negative – none

Overall – 17/20

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