4 All Butter Chocolate & Ginger Mince Pies, by Waitrose

Currently £1.00 for 4 pies (Half the normal price)

Thanks goes to Donna Sandham for mentioning that Waitrose sold Chocolate mince pies! I might never have looked for these otherwise.

Like the ALDI Sloe gin and almond tarts, these have no metal casing, so you don’t need to dispose of anything other than the box and plastic wrapping.

Each pie has a gorgeous deep brown colour and raised star. Very neat.

My Dad noted that his pie smelled like malt loaf and I could see where he what he meant. Mum couldn’t tell what was in her pie as the chocolate and ginger wasn’t overpowering, nor the ginger, liqueur or orange mincemeat. The combination of flavours was superb and the mincemeat, while being in smaller quantity than I usually like, was delicious.

Taste (out of 10) – 8

Value (out of 10) – 9


Positive – delicious mince pies and not overly sweet +2

Negative – The Chocolate element could put some purists off -1

Overall – 18/20

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