6 Crumble Topped Fruit Pies, by Waitrose

In my quest to search for the best mince pies, I’ve been extremely impressed with the overall quality this year.

Not in every area, I mean, Sainsbury’s taste the difference mince pies have not hit the mark with me this year. Sure, they were tasty, but the irony is that i could taste the difference but it wasn’t a positive one! I preferred their iced topped mince pies this year.

The variation in festive pies of any kind this year has, in my opinion, opened the door for people who ‘don’t like mince pies’ to go out and try one. There are so many different types to choose, I reckon you’ll all find something you’d enjoy.

Good things to note this year:


Pies with a crumble topping – Creates an interesting change in texture

Mince tarts  – No foil wrapper needed and gives a solid, crunchy base (less breakage when holding)

back to the review.

These are currently on sale for £2.00, down from £3.00.

They contain a cranberry and currant filling which is more like a thick, jam. The crumble topping contrasts well with the filling. Another example of the sheer variety of non mincemeat pies that are on offer this year.

I found the pies to be quite sweet but enjoyable on their own. Kathy at work said she found them to be much too sweet.


If you have a sweet tooth, these might be up your street.

Taste (out of 10) – 7

Value (out of 10) – 6



Overall – 13/20


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