A Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

I’m currently rolling around on a bed of mince pies, making pie angels. The Dyson is on standby.

I’ve enjoyed reviewing mince pies! In short(crust), I’ve eaten a Lidl amount when you consider the amount of mince pies out there. I barely scratched the surface.

I can tell you that I made mincemeat of the pies I did consume, and reviewed them as best I could, for you.

I fought against the currant to review them early, the raisin being, people like to be organised and well advised before fighting for a parking spice at their local supermarket.

I think a bit of us all enjoys the rush when the Christmas season approaches, ALDI time hoping to be able to provide a good spread for our loved ones on that special day.

My festive journey of edible treats of 2017 ends today, but I will post the result of my  reviews shortly.

I will be back in 2018 and have lots of new ideas which I will soon share with you all.

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